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COBI® Historical Collection 2982 - A7V Assault Armored Car

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COBI® Historical Collection 2982 - A7V Assault Armored Car

Length: 26.5 cm
Width: 12.5 cm
Height: 11.5 cm

Condition: New and original packaging

The A7V was a German tank from WWI, also known as the Great War. A total of around 20 models were produced that appeared on the battlefields at the end of armed operations and actually played no significant role in combat. The vehicle was very mobile, moved slowly and often suffered from numerous driving errors. The consensus is that it was a failed construction. The crew consisted of about 18 soldiers.

This new terminal block model from COBI faithfully replicates this historic prototype. It has numerous moving parts such as wheels and chains, rifle barrels and machine guns, and hatches. The compact and solid construction ensures great fun even for the youngest block fans. It is also an ideal role model for those interested in history, militaria and armored weapons. The set also includes a special figure of a German infantry soldier armed with a bayonet rifle (characteristic Prussian helmet "Pickelhaube", which was used extensively until the first half of the First World War). The block version imitates the model with an imitation helmet cover with the "630" regiment number.

• A special figure of a German soldier with accessories and a "Pickelhaube" of the Prussian helmet type

Made in the EU

❗️ Safety note: ATTENTION! Not for children under 36 months! Risk of suffocation from small parts! Never let children play with it unsupervised!

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